Shop policy

Late Policy

We ask that you communicate with us if you are running late, we understand that things happen.  However, If you are more than 10 minutes late your appointment will automatically be canceled. You are able to reschedule at your own discretion.

No Call/No Show appointments are not able to be rescheduled and you will be banned from booking again.



Cash Payments are preferred. If a credit/debit card is used there will be an additional $5 fee to cover any processing charges. 


Squeeze In & Holiday Appointments

All appointments are booked through the booking site. If there are no slots available on the site, we are booked.  

To inquire about a "Squeeze-In" appointment text (248) -220 -7788 with your selected day. You will receive a text with the available times for the day you select. "Squeeze In" appointments are an additional $80 on top of the selected service.

Any holiday appointments scheduled will allow incur a additional fee of $100 on top of the selected service.

Glue/Wax Removal Policy

We ask that all clients come with glue and wax removed from their hair. If glue or wax removal must take place at the appointment time, there will be an extra wash fee of $35. If glue or wax cannot be removed at the time of appointment the client will be charged the blow and go rate of $55 for their service.  

Shop Etiquette


There will be a zero tolerance policy for disrespect and rude behavior. As a professional stylist I strive to make everyone’s experience from booking to chair simple, safe and pleasurable. I utilize electronic booking to assure that appointment reminders are sent. I’ve hired an assistant to reduce wait times and to open more appointment slots. I follow CDC recommendations for Covid guidelines.  There will be things that are out of my control. I can’t create appointments when they are all booked for a particular day. I can’t assume that you are coming to an appointment that you don’t confirm. I reserve the right to turn anyone away who is disrespectful to myself, my assistant or anyone in the salon. The salon is a place to relax, chat and get beautiful... positive energy only!